The Arrival of Another Time

THE ARRIVAL OF ANOTHER TIME is a unique book about longing.

Words about love and happiness meet memories and again and again the sea. With an interplay of monologue and dialogue, the reader embarks on a search for a why of longing and its strong effect.

THE ARRIVAL OF ANOTHER TIME is available here:

  • directly at the publisher as paperback or e-book
  • at the bookseller: ISBN 9783740724603
  • at Amazon as paperback or Kindl Edition
  • at Apple as e-book

‘I have read the book, which is more like a booklet with just 44 pages, several times. Each time I picked up more, sank into the writer’s mind, found the ones inside. […]
An extraordinary narrative full of longing, but also again and again with the doubt that rests in us.’ (Regina)

‘This is an extraordinary book, both internally and externally. […] The book has given me some fresh food for thought and has helped me deal with my own yearnings. This is definitely not a story that you will and should read only once. I firmly believe that every time you pick up the book you can discover something new in it. I am always happy when I discover unusual and precious books and THE ARRIVAL OF ANOTHER TIME is definitely one of those things for me.’ (moi)

‘THE ARRIVAL OF ANOTHER TIME by Daniel Scheidgen inspired me a lot and made me think. Even the special structure of the book leads the way to follow his inner conversation and I could, wanted to follow without a break and experience. In some passages, I was reminded of myself and my thoughts and of the dreams, the images that form the thoughts and desires. A wonderful book that is just one of those book treasures that are few and far between and give so much to the heart!’ (Gedankenlabor)

The German version DIE ANKUNFT EINER ANDEREN ZEIT is available as paperback or e-book directly from the publisher, Amazon, Apple or in bookstores (ISBN: 9783740734022).