Art. Design. Strategy.

The combination of art, design and strategy enables new results in analysis, solution finding and implementation through the resulting shifts in perception. We live in a global, culturally and medially permeated world. This diversity calls for new approaches to design and a sounding out of boundaries: Transdisciplinarity meets individuality, technology meets progress and moment meets future.


Art acts independently and honestly. Function and user are secondary. Art seeks the appropriate form of expression of its time. It is about finding relevant content and errors in the system. Art seeks formal equivalence. Art is the most radical form of analysis.


Design is user- and service-oriented. Design combines form and function in relation to context and purpose. Products are both analogue and digital. In reality, artifacts and the virtual share the same surfaces. Aesthetics and quality are decisive for the performance in the application.


Strategy neglects the moment in support of a step-by-step solution into the future. Long-term behaviours are developed on the basis of analyses and derived parameters. Strategy sets preferences for the future.