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As the first application of the new corporate design for the Talmi Studio KJ, business cards were designed that stand out with the special feature that they are issued as a pair. In addition to the unusual format, the highlight is that a business card can be separated through a perforation in the middle and passed on to friends. This arrangement prevents the classic distinction between front and back, because both sides are next to each other when the card is handed over.

The Talmi Method® is based on Feldenkrais and is a corresponding further development as a holistic treatment method. For the Berlin-based Talmi-Studio, thign had to develop a corporate design with a high-quality appearance without an esoteric style. The term “Talmi” was to be the focus of attention.



  • Talmi-Studio Katharina Jankula


  • 170 x 55 mm


  • Peforation, 3D-Klarlack