Latin Square Kufic Script Meets Taarof


thign designs three typical Taarof sayings into Latin Square Kufic Script in a typographical and ornamental way.

Square Kufic Script is a variant of the Arabic script, which is characterized by the use of straight lines and uniform stroke widths. Square Kufic Script, also known as Bannai, is, in contrast to the regular Kufic Script, greatly simplified and used ornamentally. In this reduction lie delightful challenges and playful possibilities.

Taarof is an art of etiquette practiced in Iran, to treat your counterpart politely and respectfully in a playful way.

Taarof sayings:

  • Your eyes see it beautiful.
    Cheshmat ghashang mibine
    چشمهات قشنگ میبینه
  • A flower has no front or back.
    Gol posht o ru nadâreh
    گل پشت و رو ندارد
  • Your place was empty.
    Jâye shomâ khâli
    جای شما خالی