In the Stillness of the Light


“For from the light comes the light.”

Source: Georges Prosper Remi alias Hergé, Tintin and Struppi, The Secret of the Unicorn, Carlsen; Edition: 01 (22 April 1998)

No light, no perception. Without perception there is no knowledge. No progress without knowledge.

There’s no light missing. Rather, there is too much light. We’re spoiled. We’re too used to the light. Everything glows. Everything wants to be seen. Everything cries out for attention, for equality. When everything is enlightened, knowledge without shadows is flat.

We need shadows. We need darkness. We need contrast. We don’t need uniform illumination. She’s doing us harm. We don’t have a focused gaze because of all the light. We miss the details and the sense of differentiation. We can’t tell the difference anymore. There’s no tension. We see but feel nothing.

So let us go out into the darkness to hunt rays of light one by one again …