100% Sölden

Staging and quality control of a planned pedestrian zone in Sölden

In the context of the staging of a possible pedestrian zone in Sölden, the question arises as to how it can succeed:

  • to create an experience area in which ambience, shopping, gastronomy, event and culture complete each other meaningfully?
  • to achieve a strong positioning of the pedestrian zone as a convincing and credible trademark of Sölden?

The strategic approach is a concept which, in addition to the tourist needs, focuses above all on the broad acceptance of the resident citizens. The latest trends and traditions, consistency and renewal, quality and effect must be brought together in a holistic way. A combination of staging, design and location marketing is the most effective way to achieve this goal.

As identification and target mark “100% Sölden” is proclaimed: 100% Sölden = 100% experience = 100% quality.

The goal of “100% Sölden” is to give the pedestrian zone a harmonious and at the same time individual appearance. As the design and quality of the advertising spaces are decisive for the overall impression of the pedestrian zone, special attention is to be paid to improving the design of these spaces. It is desirable to standardize the advertising spaces, especially on the facades. Less is more. Successful redesign and standardisation of advertising space can only be achieved through the active and comprehensive participation of local stakeholders. A sense of togetherness on the part of all involved is of central importance.

The “100%” seal of quality is created for this purpose. This serves as an incentive system for the implementation of a uniform corporate design for local marketing. The seal of approval serves as a target. It is developed together by all participants (sales team, hoteliers, tourism association, etc.) and implemented in an ongoing process: Consciousness -> Focus -> Enhancement -> Consistency. Incentive systems e.g. special presence in the media (website/app/social media), exclusive advertising and higher weighting in votes) promote implementation.



  • Gemeinde Sölden


  • 2012–2014


  • whiteriver